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President Mika Hannula: Tampere3 needs a solid strategy and good leadership

“The new university should benefit people, society and the environment, collaborate closely with business life and the society as a whole, and educate citizens of the world who will become leaders of the future,” says TUT President Mika Hannula at the opening of the academic year on 4 September.

The Tampere3 process merges Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and University of Tampere into a new foundation-based university that will also be the owner of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The new unique multi-discipline higher education community will courageously combine themes of technology, society and health in research, education and innovation.

“The new university should benefit people, society and the environment, collaborate closely with business life and the society as a whole, and educate citizens of the world who will become leaders of the future,” outlined TUT President Mika Hannula in his speech.

Among the first tasks of the foundation university board, which was appointed in June, will be to launch the strategy process for the new university group and to set the course.

“This task is very demanding and responsible. In order to achieve a functioning whole and a group that is more than the sum of its parts, a solid strategy and its skilful implementation are required, as well as a functioning management system and, above all, a lot of dialogic leadership.”

The attractiveness of technology on the increase

The attractiveness of the fields of engineering seems to be growing among the youth. In the 2017 joint application process of Finnish universities, the total number of applicants who sought admission to technological programmes as their first choice increased by 13 per cent from last year. The number of first-choice applicants seeking admission to TUT rose by as much as 23 per cent.

“These are impressive numbers, and several factors have undoubtedly contributed to them. In recent years, TUT has received excellent results in international university rankings. In the national BSc survey our students have reported higher satisfaction with their overall well-being than students from other Finnish universities,” Hannula pointed out. 

TUT’s high-quality education in technology and architecture provides our graduates with a solid foundation to pursue meaningful careers.

“Universities are not only educators of the people but also builders of a nation’s competitiveness. They produce expertise and new talents for business life and the public sector. Research and education in the fields of engineering in particular have been a driving force behind the success of Finnish industry.”

Despite the increasing attractiveness of technology, Hannula expressed his concern over the future of the Finnish welfare state.

”The number of high school students who pursue studies in advanced mathematics has decreased by 15 per cent in the last decade in Finland. Last year, 11,600 high school students took the matriculation examination in advanced mathematics. These figures are alarming,”

Technological universities need applicants with a solid background in natural sciences. According to Hannula, this is a problem that needs to be taken seriously, because in the long run it will threaten hundred-year-old Finland’s technological competence and innovativeness and even the foundation of our welfare state.


The opening of the academic year at Tampere University of Technology was held on Monday 4 September. In addition to President Mika Hannula, speeches were given by Marjo Matikainen-Kallström, Chairperson of the Board of TEK, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland, TUT’s Honorary Doctor and Advisory Board member, Risto Lehtimäki, MSc (Tech.) and Board Chairperson, who brought greetings from TUT’s alumni, and Tiina Mikkonen, Chairperson of TUT Student Union Board.

DTech Caglar Aytekin received the Doctoral Graduate of the Year award by City of Tampere Science Fund. Honorary Mention by TUT for a doctoral dissertation with societal impact was awarded to DTech Satu Huuhka.

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