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Phthalocyanines: colours of the future

Did you know that phthalocyanine dyes are used for manufacturing LCD panels and lasers printers? And for removing sulfur from oil and natural gas? For industrial catalysis and anti-wrinkle creams?

Professor Nagao Kobayashi (Shinshu University, Japan), a world-class expert on the synthesis, application and spectroscopy of organic dyes, or phthalocyanines, visits Tampere Univesity of Technology (TUT) in November.

Professor Kobayashi will give two lectures:

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 in room RG202 at 14:00-16:00 "Synthesis, Applications and Practical Use of Functional Metallophthalocyanines".

Wednesday, 11 October 2017, in room FA133 at 14:00-16:00 "Synthesis and Characterization of Spectroscopically Intriguing Phthalocyanines". 

The lectures demonstrate how a research topic can combine chemistry, spectroscopy, catalysis, industrial innovations and healthcare applications into a fascinating and vibrant field.

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