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Petri Suomala appointed as TUT’s Vice President for Education

The TTY Foundation Board has appointed Dean Petri Suomala as TUT’s Vice President for Education for the term 1 April–31 December 2016. The new Vice President will also become a member of the Tampere3 Management Group effective immediately.

The position for Vice President opened as TUT’s Board appointed the current Vice President for Education, Mika Hannula, as TUT’s President from 1 April onwards.

The Vice President for Education is in charge of the University’s education, learning environments and continuing education and also serves as the chair of the Education Council and a vice chairperson of the Academic Board.

“In the selection process, special attention was paid to the candidates’ competence in strategic management and the strong change management and interpersonal skills required by the Tampere3 project. The new Vice President for Education will also be appointed as a member of the Tampere3 Management Group effective immediately,” notes Mika Hannula, who will take office as TUT’s President on Friday.

Petri Suomala is Professor of Industrial Management and Dean at the Faculty of Business and Built Environment.


News submitted by: Katja Ayres
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