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Number of TUT employees decreases by approx. 90, notice given to 40

Cooperation negotiations concerning the entire TUT staff were held January through March. The aim was to revise the University’s operations to better match the teaching and research profiling and to find 5 million in savings by adjusting the number of employees.

The cause of the need to adjust TUT’s finances are the cuts made in state funding, resulting in a permanent saving requirement of 10 million euros. During a three-year adjustment programme, savings are also sought through internal structural changes (3 million euros) and facility expenses (2 million euros).

The cooperation negotiations concerning the entire TUT staff, comprising of approx. 1,920 employees, covered the grounds for the planned measures, the human resources impacts, work duty rearrangements and any relocation and training alternatives. The employer has now reached its decisions based on the negotiations. The aim is to inform the concerned people of the decisions by 26 May or, at the latest, by 16 June.

“As the negotiations were initiated, we assessed that these plans could lead to the dismissal, part-time arrangements, lay-offs or significant job description changes of up to 100 employees. The final reduction in person-years ended up being 92,” Director of Administration Tiina Äijälä comments.

Approximately a half of the reductions consist of retirement plans, part-time arrangements, omitted substitute hiring and expiring fixed-term contracts. Altogether 40 employees will be dismissed. In addition, six positions will be suspended and these six people will be offered new positions. The employer may still decide on additional measures by 16 June.

“The dismissals are targeted both at the research and teaching staff and the support services staff. Proportioned to the number of employees, the measures focus more strongly on the support services staff. As regards research and teaching staff, the dismissals are mainly due to exclusion choices related to our profiling,” Äijälä says.

Director of HR Services Hanna Rinne feels grateful to those who submitted their retirement plans during the process. Employees working in the support services were particularly active in this respect.

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News submitted by: Katja Ayres
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