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Number of applicants to Tampere University of Technology grew by 18 per cent

Industrial engineering and management, architecture, and pervasive computing proved the most popular among applicants.

During this spring’s joint application for Finnish degree programmes in higher education, Tampere University of Technology’s (TUT) degree programmes in technology and architecture attracted 18 per cent more applicants than in the previous year.

During the joint application period this spring, 4,180 applicants applied for TUT’s degree programmes in technology and architecture. Of these applicants, 2,026 placed TUT as their primary choice. Compared to the previous year, the number of applicants grew by 18 per cent and the number of primary applicants by 17 per cent.

Of the TUT programmes available in the joint applications for degree programmes in technology and architecture, most primary applications were received by the degree programmes in industrial engineering and management (248), architecture (245), and pervasive computing (170).

TUT’s study programmes have places for 1,018 new students. Some of these spots are reserved for first-time applicants.

“We are very glad that applicants were so interested in TUT’s study programmes. We believe that the good reputation of our education and TUT graduates’ high levels of employment are the reason behind this popularity. TUT has also conducted long-term development work on study environments and pedagogy,” says Vice President for Education Petri Suomala.
The popularity of study programmes in technology and architecture also grew on a national level.

“Technology is a relevant and interesting field of study. It’s wonderful that the field’s attractiveness to applicants has grown so significantly, both in Tampere and in other universities,” says President Mika Hannula.

“Here in Tampere, we are well on our way towards a new, multi-disciplinary university group. Attractive university education in technology will ultimately benefit all the higher education institutions involved in the Tampere3 project,” Hannula adds.

Some of the applicants for the degree programmes in technology will be admitted based on their initial admissions score alone. These applicants will be informed of their admission before the entrance examinations. The rest of the applicants will be invited to partake in the examinations. The entrance examinations will take place on 30─31 May.

The applicants for the degree programme in architecture who pass the preliminary assignment will enter into the admission process. This process will culminate with the design and drawing examinations on 5─8 June 2017.

All admissions results from the joint applications will be published by 30 June 2017.

Further information:

President Mika Hannula,, tel. +358 400 331 838
Vice President Petri Suomala,, tel. +358 40 591 8044
Admissions Office Team Leader Kaisa Keskitalo,, tel. +358 40 754 5951

News submitted by: Tuuli Laukkanen
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