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Meet the new professors at the 2017 Inaugural Lectures

Tampere University of Technology’s new Professors introduce themselves at the Inaugural Lectures event on 6 February 2017 starting at 13:15. Admittance is free. All friends of science and research are welcome!

Inaugural lectures are brief, 15–20-minute overviews of the latest developments, central questions, and future concerns in TUT’s newly appointed professors’ fields of study. Five new professors hold their inaugural lectures on Monday 6 February 2017, starting at 13:15 in Tietotalo lecture hall TB103 on the TUT campus.

The first lecturer is Professor Marko Seppänen, who specializes in industrial economics and the development of company networks. In his lecture, Professor Seppänen describes the possibilities offered by platform economy and the future of Finnish industry.

Professor Minnamari Vippola’s subject is materials science, especially materials characterization.

“Materials science has an important role in how we face the challenge of building an eco-efficient and sustainable world for today and tomorrow,” Professor Vippola says. “I present some examples on what materials characterization is and how it can be applied in the development of materials and material processing.”

Professor Atanas Gotchev holds his lecture in English on the subject of “Plenoptics: The Ultimate Imaging Science”. Plenoptics is the theory of the light field and its processing that establishes a thoroughgoing combination of unconventional optics with modern computational imaging. Professor Gotchev reviews the new challenges in the sensing, processing and display of real visual scenes for achieving higher realism and interactivity.

Professor of Physics Miikka Dal Maso reviews the newest methods of detecting atmospheric particles and clusters and discusses how these methods can be applied to the research and modelling of the life cycle of emissions.

“One of the most interesting and most challenging aspects of the study of atmospheric aerosols is how particle and gas emissions change during their life cycle. It poses a challenge to our current measuring and modelling methods, as the materials under study are incredibly small and the processes are very sensitive to environmental factors,” Professor Dal Maso says.

For the University, TUT Industry Professors are an important link between industry and research.  TUT Industry Professor Tero Joronen, who spends a part of his working hours at TUT and the rest at Valmet, looks into the energy solutions of the future in his inaugural lecture.

“The sustainable solutions of the future are born where science and industry meet. In my lecture, I will present three such examples,” TUT Industry Professor Joronen says.

The lectures will be held in Finnish, except for Professor Gotchev’s inaugural lecture. For more information about the newly appointed professors and their inaugural lectures in Finnish, please visit

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