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Jaakko Akola begins as Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Advances in Physics: X

Associate Professor Jaakko Akola from TUT’s Department of Physics has started as Deputy Editor-in-Chief in the Advances in Physics: X journal at the beginning of April. The journal highlights the centrality of physics to modern science and technology.

Advances in Physics: X (APX) is a new Open Access journal published by Taylor & Francis. Jaakko Akola was formerly an editor for the journal and started as Deputy Editor-in-Chief on 1 April 2016.

APX follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, the distinguished and time-honoured science journals Philosophical Magazine, established in 1798, and Advances in Physics, established in the 1950s.

“The journal has a strong interdisciplinary stance and it aims to demonstrate the influence of one branch of physics upon another as well as the impact of physics across the discipline boundaries. Physics has great bearing on such fields as chemistry, biology, medicine, energy, engineering, materials and manufacturing, and the journal highlights this centrality of physics to modern science and technology,” Akola explains.

APX is an online journal with 22 editors.

“Advances in Physics: X publishes concise review articles of roughly 10-20 pages. Our articles are attractive to both read and write,” Akola says.

The first issue of the journal was recently published. Read the journal online >>

Jaakko Akola was previously an Academy Research Fellow at TUT for five years and was appointed as Associate Professor in August 2015

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