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International visitors interested in robotics

A group of international students and their teachers visited the Tampere University of Technology on 26 January. The teachers and students explored the University campus and were especially interested in the robotics research conducted at TUT.
International visitors were interested in the flight simulator used in aeronautics teaching.
International visitors were interested in the flight simulator used in aeronautics teaching.

The group consisted of over 30 students and teachers. The ages of the students ranged from 11 to 15. The international visitors came from Logroño in Spain, Sieradz in Poland, and Martna in Estonia. Teacher Miika Huhtinen from Marttila in southwestern Finland led the group of visitors. According to Huhtinen, it was the international visitors who originally wished to find out more about robotics at TUT.

“Our group had students from many different age groups, but this was one subject that seemed to interest everyone regardless of age. I thought the presentation on the TUT-RIM project was especially interesting, and after the presentation we were shown how a robot can help you build with Lego blocks. As soon as we returned to our own school, we tried out our own projects with Bee-Bots and Lego EV3 robots,” Miika Huhtinen says.

At the Campus Club, Project Manager Jyrki Latokartano told the visitors about robotics and Doctoral Student Alireza Changizi held a demo presentation on human-robot cooperation. The visitors learned about current research in industrial robotics, the TUT-RIM Flagship project, the TUT laser laboratory, and the industrial robots used there.

“The students were very interested in what they saw, and they snapped a fair number of photos on their phones. The teachers told us the visit had exceeded their expectations, as well. There was more to see than any of them had hoped,” says Jyrki Latokartano, who hosted the group’s visit at TUT.

The visit was a part of an EU Erasmus+ project called Programme Your Future. The project’s goal is to develop the teaching of programming and coding in schools and to improve computer-aided studying and teaching. This visit to TUT is also a natural fit for the Unity project.

Doctoral students Jussi Halme and Antti Hietanen present the Unity project’s testing setup to the visitors.

Julia NowocieĊ„ from Poland trying out the flight simulator.

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