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News and events

  • New outdoor fitness park opens on the TUT campus

    The outdoor fitness park called ’Ulkoareena’ opened on campus on Friday, 6 October.

    The new outdoor fitness park on the campus of Tampere University of Technology (TUT) is called 'Ulkoareena'. President of TUT Mika Hannula announced the name when the fitness park opened on 6 October.

  • Nanofillers hold promise of greener tyres

    Nanofillers hold promise of greener tyres

    The rubber industry commonly uses reinforcing fillers, such as carbon black, to improve the mechanical properties of rubber. The doctoral dissertation of Minna Poikelispää explores nanofillers that provide an environmentally friendly alternative to carbon black without compromising quality.

  • Clear strategy enhances legitimacy building in a whole supply network

    Photo: Tarmo Malinen

    A carefully considered strategy is the key for organizational networks to build legitimacy, which refers to a generalized perception that their actions are desirable and appropriate. The doctoral dissertation of Anu Suominen presents a new framework for building legitimacy in a whole supply network.

  • TUT launches Social Club for employees

    The Social Club met for the first time in the Language Centre’s facilities in the Main Building at TUT.

    Tampere University of Technology has a strong international dimension, as one-third of all research and teaching staff, roughly 400 people, come from outside Finland. The first meeting of the newly launched Social Club for employees focused on well-being and the changing seasons in Finland.

  • TUT student Ville Mäki wins Best MSc Thesis Award

    Photo (from the left) Marko Vasenius, Executive Vice President of Western Finland, Destia Group Oyj, Ville Mäki and Professor Pauli Kolisoja from TUT.

    Destia has awarded TUT student Ville Mäki for the best infrastructure-related master’s thesis. The award was given out during the earth construction conference 'Maarakennuspäivä' in Helsinki on Thursday, 28 September 2017.

  • Kindergarten opens in the middle of the campus

    A kindergarten opens on the campus of Tampere University of Technology on 2 January 2018. The kindergarten will be located in the Konetalo building in facilities owned by University Properties of Finland Ltd.

  • Great Potential of Carbon-Based Nanomaterials for Wireless Applications

    Great Potential of Carbon-Based Nanomaterials for Wireless Applications

    The growth of the Internet of Things has radically increased the demand for multipurpose wireless sensors. Mitra Akbari’s doctoral dissertation explores novel additive manufacturing methods for fabricating graphene-based passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) on versatile substrates.

  • Phthalocyanines: colours of the future

    Did you know that phthalocyanine dyes are used for manufacturing LCD panels and lasers printers? And for removing sulfur from oil and natural gas? For industrial catalysis and anti-wrinkle creams?

  • TUT's research units in Rauma to be discontinued

    The research units operated by Tampere University of Technology in the City of Rauma will be closed at the end of 2017. The University continues to offer research, R&D, and professional development services to companies in and around Rauma, but now on the TUT campus in Tampere.

  • Exhibition highlights the transformation of Germany’s energy system

    Exhibition highlights the transformation of Germany’s energy system

    The German Federal Foreign Office’s touring exhibition on Germany's energy transition called ‘Energiewende’ is coming to the campus of Tampere University of Technology. The exhibition will be open in the Language Centre on the second floor of the Main Building from 25 Sep to 29 Sep.

  • New method spots first signs of cardiac arrhythmias

    Professor Moncef Gabbouj (left) from TUT and Professor Serkan Kiranyaz from Qatar University have worked together for several years.

    Cardiac arrhythmias kill over seven million people every year. The earlier they can be diagnosed and treated, the better. A recent issue of Nature’s Scientific Reports features a new state-of-the-art method for detecting the early warning signs of arrhythmias.

  • Take a walk in another world

    Richard Guilfoyle (with the headset) and Peter Thor from Omnifinity testing the treadmill at TUT.

    Tampere University of Technology is the proud owner of Omnifinity’s omnidirectional virtual reality treadmill, the first of its kind in the Nordic countries. The system allows users to literally step into a virtual world. It opens up exciting new doors for research.

  • WIVE helps industry make the most of 5G

    In 5G networks, aggressive adoption and utilization of multiple transmit and receive antennas is one essential technology to increase the achievable data rates, reliability and spectral efficiency.

    WIVE industry collaboration project utilizes 5G to increase the business value of automated transport, smart grids, massive machine connectivity and media delivery. TUT contributes to the WIVE project by developing flexible and programmable physical layer radio communication solutions.

  • 'Tampereen yliopisto' put forward as the new university’s name

    'Tampereen yliopisto' put forward as the new university’s name

    The proposed name for the new foundation-based university is Tampereen yliopisto/Tampere University. The Board of Tampere University Foundation and the Boards of the higher education institutions submitted the proposal for consideration by the Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee on 6 Sep.

  • “Job agency for robots”

    “Job agency for robots”

    PhD Roel Pieters took up an appointment as Assistant Professor (tenure track) in the Laboratory of Automation and Hydraulic Engineering at Tampere University of Technology in September 2017. His research interests are in human-robot interaction.

  • “The most interesting sector in the world”

    Newly appointed TUT Industry Professor Ari Ahonen.

    The newest TUT Industry Professor Ari Ahonen took up his five-year appointment in the Laboratory of Civil Engineering in September 2017. His research interests focus on real estate development. One of his goals is to promote industry employment among doctoral graduates.

  • Distinguished Dissertation Awards given out at TUT

    Doctors of Science (Technology) Caglar Aytekin and Satu Huuhka were awarded at the opening of the academic year.

    The Science Fund of the City of Tampere has awarded the best dissertation written at TUT in 2016. The jury also granted an honourable mention to a dissertation that makes important contributions to society. The awards were given out at the opening of the academic year on 4 September.