News Tampere University of Technology, News TUT takes part in international Manufacturing Performance Days conference on 29–31 May Robots, 3D printing, and digitalised processes everyday operations in more and more factories, but how could they be utilised for creating added value to the client’s business? This and many other subjects are discussed in the international MPD 2017 conference held in Tampere. Science projects by young students receive awards The international StarT gala was held as a part of the Finland 100 celebrations at the University of Helsinki on 23 May. At the gala, awards were presented to the best science projects conducted by children and teens. Tampere3’s higher education institutions were also present to award grants. Optical flytrap opens new venues in the development of soft microbots Materials that can be moved with light are rapidly developing. TUT’s Smart Photonic Materials research group’s research on an optical gripper, resembling a Venus flytrap, was published in the Nature Communications journal. The research opens new venues in the development of soft microbots. Doctors received their hats at TUT’s final conferment ceremony TUT’s ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees on Saturday 20 May saw the conferment of 163 doctors and 10 honorary doctors. The three-day event was filled with joy, sun, and festive spirit. Human hearing inspires audio processing for better hearing aids In his doctoral dissertation, Tom Barker developed a sound source separation technique based on the way the human ear separates sounds. Better sound source separation enables hearing aids that function better in everyday, noisy surroundings. Context awareness opens new areas for flexible manufacturing system optimization In his doctoral dissertation, Mohammad Kamal Uddin presents a novel application of context-sensitive computing for flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) addressing KPI optimization at runtime. Technology and knowhow attract manufacturing back to the Nordic countries A great deal of industrial production has been offshored from Finland and other Nordic countries, but some production is also returning. How could this trend be encouraged? According to researchers both political actions and investments in Nordic innovation systems are needed. Higher education in Tampere appealed to young students At Tuesday’s Korkeakouluopiskelijaksi Tampereelle study exhibition, approximately 4,200 young students gathered to hear more about higher education in Tampere. Professor Moncef Gabbouj receives Pirkanmaa Regional Fund award from Finnish Cultural Foundation The Finnish Cultural Foundation has granted its 2017 Pirkanmaa Regional Fund award to Professor Moncef Gabbouj from TUT’s Laboratory of Signal Processing for “revealing the secrets of signals and building international bridges”. Grants were awarded to other operators in arts and sciences, as well. New implant technology for measuring intracranial pressure Wireless sensors implanted inside the human body can enable more efficient examination and treatment of illnesses in the future. TUT is at the leading edge of research in this field. One solution currently under development is a wireless system for long-term monitoring of intracranial pressure. Record number of TUT students get summer internships at CERN As many as nine TUT students were selected for a summer internship at the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN. The interns are in for an interesting international experience. More investments in TUT’s Large-Scale Data-Intensive Analytics research The CVDI research site at TUT, founded in 2015 in collaboration with the US-based Center for Visual and Decision Informatics, has received additional funding for the development of the next generation of large-scale data-intensive analytics solutions. University applicants increasingly interested in the field of technology In the 2017 joint university application process, the total number of primary applicants for the field of technology increased by about 13% from the previous year. The number of applicants increased for almost every university of technology. Robots invade Tampere Hall in spring 2018 The European Robotics Forum (ERF), the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, will be held in Tampere in March 2018. 1000 European robotics top experts are expected to attend the conference. TUT to introduce new major in robotics Beginning next autumn, students at Tampere University of Technology can major in robotics. This is a significant opening, as TUT is the first Finnish university to offer robotics as a major subject. Application-oriented wear testing in the mining industry Rock and mineral handling applications, such as earthmoving, excavating, crushing and screening, impose high local forces on the wearing parts of machinery. However, researchers have been unable to simulate these industrial wear problems in laboratory conditions with standard testing methods. Tampere’s new university foundation established The purpose of Tampere University Foundation is to integrate the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology, and carry out university of applied science operations. The proposed name for the new university is Tampere New University. Charter of Tampere’s new foundation university to be signed on Thursday in Tampere The Ministry of Education and Culture has invited the new university foundation’s founding members to attend a signing event concerning the establishment of the foundation. The event will take place in Tampere City Hall on 20 April 2017. The event is broadcast live on the TUT, UTA, and TAMK websites Digitalisation on display at TST research afternoon Staff members of TUT’s faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering (TST) seized the opportunity to attend the faculty’s research afternoon and find out more about the research conducted there. Nearly 150 staff members attended the event. Open tenure track positions Faculty of Engineering Sciences has open tenure track positions in the fields of digital manufacturing and mechanical behaviour of engineering materials. University foundation to be established in April The Ministry of Education and Culture has invited the new university foundation’s founding members to attend a signing event on the establishment of the foundation. Number of applicants to Tampere University of Technology grew by 18 per cent Industrial engineering and management, architecture, and pervasive computing proved the most popular among applicants. Victor van der Chijs ECIU President Tampere University of Technology joined ECIU in January 2017. The ECIU member universities are all unified by a shared profile of being young, entrepreneurial, and a key stakeholder in the regional innovation system. Jaana Kaartinen nominated as TUT’s Brand Director Master of Economic Sciences Jaana Kaartinen will start in her new position as TUT’s Brand Director on 18 April. As Brand Director, she will be responsible for building an attractive brand for technology and directing TUT’s communications and partnerships operations. Supercapacitor provides energy for the Internet of Things The Internet of Things spreads electronics to new and unforeseen places. When batteries cannot be used, where can electronics get their energy? As part of her doctoral thesis, Suvi Lehtimäki developed an inexpensive and adaptable supercapacitor for energy harvesting and storage.