News Tampere University of Technology, News Emil Aaltonen Foundation donates EUR 1 million to Tampere’s higher education community In order to celebrate its 80th anniversary, the Emil Aaltonen Foundation decided to donate one million euros to fund research projects conducted by the higher education community in Tampere. Take a walk in another world Tampere University of Technology is the proud owner of Omnifinity’s omnidirectional virtual reality treadmill, the first of its kind in the Nordic countries. The system allows users to literally step into a virtual world. It opens up exciting new doors for research. WIVE helps industry make the most of 5G WIVE industry collaboration project utilizes 5G to increase the business value of automated transport, smart grids, massive machine connectivity and media delivery. TUT contributes to the WIVE project by developing flexible and programmable physical layer radio communication solutions. Leena Aarikka-Stenroos joins the JBIM Editorial Board and the JOSM ASR Group Assistant Professor (tenure track) Leena Aarikka-Stenroos from the Laboratory of Industrial and Information Management has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing and to the ASR Group of the Journal of Service Management. 'Tampereen yliopisto' put forward as the new university’s name The proposed name for the new foundation-based university is Tampereen yliopisto/Tampere University. The Board of Tampere University Foundation and the Boards of the higher education institutions submitted the proposal for consideration by the Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee on 6 Sep. “Job agency for robots” PhD Roel Pieters took up an appointment as Assistant Professor (tenure track) in the Laboratory of Automation and Hydraulic Engineering at Tampere University of Technology in September 2017. His research interests are in human-robot interaction. Cheers to the effective progress towards degrees Glasses were raised at Tampere University of Technology in recognition of the hard work and dedication of students who earned at least 55 credits in the past academic year. “The most interesting sector in the world” The newest TUT Industry Professor Ari Ahonen took up his five-year appointment in the Laboratory of Civil Engineering in September 2017. His research interests focus on real estate development. One of his goals is to promote industry employment among doctoral graduates. Distinguished Dissertation Awards given out at TUT The Science Fund of the City of Tampere has awarded the best dissertation written at TUT in 2016. The jury also granted an honourable mention to a dissertation that makes important contributions to society. The awards were given out at the opening of the academic year on 4 September. TUT retains its position in THE World University Rankings The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings lists the 1,000 best universities in the world. Tampere University of Technology retained its position amongst the global top 600. TUT invites applications for doctoral programmes Tampere University of Technology is seeking doctoral students for funded positions in TUT’s doctoral programmes. Positions are open in different fields of engineering, natural sciences and architecture. The call for applications closes on 2 October 2017. Call for Sessions/Workshops at the European Robotics Forum 2018 The most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, The European Robotics Forum 2018 (ERF 2018), will be held in Tampere, on 13-15 March 2018. euRobotics, TUT and The Robotics Society in Finland are inviting inviting high quality workshop/session proposals to be submitted for ERF President Mika Hannula: Tampere3 needs a solid strategy and good leadership “The new university should benefit people, society and the environment, collaborate closely with business life and the society as a whole, and educate citizens of the world who will become leaders of the future,” says TUT President Mika Hannula at the opening of the academic year on 4 September. Best practices shared with visitors from Germany TUT has the honour of hosting distinguished guests from Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany, on 4-5 September. TUT wins H2020 FET funding for research on ordered arrays of nanostructures Researchers at TUT are participating in the NanoStencil project to develop a groundbreaking method for fabricating functional nanostructured surfaces. The project has been awarded competitive FET-Open funding under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. Professor Petri Vuoristo receives highest international honour in his field The American Society of Materials (ASM) inducted Professor Petri Vuoristo of TUT into the Thermal Spray Hall of Fame in June 2017. Second international research assessment pinpoints top research communities and future potential Biodata analysis and photonics excel in Tampere University of Technology’s (TUT) second international Research Assessment Exercise conducted in June. Suggestions for further improvement include building up more international partnerships. What a wood can do? Solutions of the Finnish bioeconomy on show at the European Parliament TUT as a member of New Wood initiative is showing wood-based solutions. Welcome to the opening of the academic year on 4 September Tampere University of Technology celebrates the opening of the academic year in the large auditorium in the Festia building on Monday, 4 September at 13:15. Artificial intelligence becomes part of daily life TUT's long-standing lecturer Heikki Huttunen took up an associate professorship in the Laboratory of Signal Processing in August 2017. His research interests focus on machine learning, which is evolving at a breakneck pace. Systems Engineering training starts in Edutech on 28.9.2017 This course is all about making and mastering methods and processes for successfully developing systems and keeping your customers satisfied. Enrol on 7th September at the latest! From minimum viable to maximum lovable: user experience strategy for software start-ups Start-ups are usually keen to reduce their time-to-market. They can minimize risks by releasing pared down versions of their products to collect feedback from real users early on, but when is a product ready for release? Tampere University of Technology strengthens collaboration with Sweco Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and the engineering consultancy company Sweco signed a collaboration agreement on 14 August to signal their mutual commitment to develop research, MSc education and continuing education in the field of structural engineering. Plenoptic image compression takes a leap forward Plenoptic cameras record images that allow you to view the recorded scene from different angles. The international JPEG Committee has singled out a solution proposed by researchers at TUT as reference software for a new standard that will pave the way for the widespread adoption of the technology. Samuli Pekkola to chair the Scandinavian Chapter of the Association for Information Systems Professor Samuli Pekkola from the Laboratory of Industrial and Information Management at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) has been appointed as Chairman of the Scandinavian Chapter of the Association for Information Systems for a two-year term from August 2017 onwards.