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Ida Väänänen receives master’s thesis award from the Oskari Vilamo Fund

The Oskari Vilamo Fund is a part of the Foundation for Economic Education and it supports high-level construction research. The fund annually rewards the previous year’s best theses in the field of construction. This year’s award recipients included architect Ida Väänänen, a TUT graduate.
An example of a housing type intended for people with intellectual disabilities
An example of a housing type intended for people with intellectual disabilities

The title of architect Ida Väänänen’s thesis is ‘Housing for people with intellectual disabilities – Solutions for resident centered housing design.’

The master’s thesis has been completed in the ASUTUT housing design research group at TUT as a part of a two-part development project related to housing for people with intellectual disabilities. Along with the research section that formed Väänänen’s master’s thesis, a section was implemented in which new ideas were created for intellectually disabled people’s housing. The financiers and partners of the project include the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), the Carea joint municipal authority, the Eskoo joint municipal authority for social services as well as the cities of Lahti, Turku, Tampere and Seinäjoki. The project is connected to the ’Arjen keskiössä’ programme coordinated by ARA. The thesis was instructed by Professor Markku Hedman from TUT.

The aim of Väänänen’s thesis was to create information and develop design concepts for implementing resident centered and flexible housing solutions for the purposes of intellectually disabled people. A specific aim for the thesis was to increase the freedom of choice and housing options as well as to develop the modifiability of spatial solutions and come up with new implementation concepts. In the thesis, six different housing concepts are presented for the requirements of housing planning for intellectually disabled people. The design approach applied is sensitive to acknowledging the special needs posed by intellectual disabilities. The author also strongly highlights the full entitlement of intellectually disabled residents to an individual and private dwelling.

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