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Here is the average technology student

TUT’s age estimation demo was on display at the Kampusareena lobby on 17–23 March and gathered nearly 9,000 facial photos of TUT community members. Based on the data, Adam and Anna Average were modelled.
Please meet Anna and Adam Average.
Please meet Anna and Adam Average.

Created as a by-product from the machine learning research conducted at the Department of Signal Processing, the demo for automatic age and gender estimation has aroused a lot of interest, media included. The device was on display at the Kampusareena lobby at TUT and gathered data for the further development of the system on 17–23 March.

The photos collected help improve the precision of the method and add new features, such as expression estimation. A wide range of expressions was indeed gathered, and the department would like to thank everyone who donated their facial photos.

The device estimated that the men who had their photo taken were approx. 32 years old on average, while women’s estimated average age was 29 years. For both genders, the photos of the test subjects were used for calculating and modelling the photos of average technology students in 2016, i.e. Adam and Anna Average.


News submitted by: Satu Kantti
Keywords: science and research, age estimation demo