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Guild Council Christmas gift campaign for poor families

The Guild Council is organizing a Christmas gift campaign in cooperation with Joulupuu Tampere. The aim is to collect gifts for children aged 0-17. There are around 10,000 children and youth in Tampere who face poverty.

Every child deserves a Christmas gift!

To participate:

  • Gifts will be collected in the upper lobby of Sähkötalo on two consecutive Wednesdays, 25 Nov at 12–15 and 2 Dec at 12–15.
  • Find a gift that is new and unused. You can also make the gift yourself (for example, woollen socks)
  • Bring the gift to Sähkötalo. Mark the following information on the gift either beforehand or while handing it over: the contents, is the gift for a boy or a girl, and a suitable age for the recipient. You can wrap the gift at Sähkötalo if you want.
  • In return, you will get a mug of ‘glögi’ and a warm feeling for saving someone’s Christmas!

You can also participate in the campaign in the social media:

Facebook event:
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Participate, bring a gift and make a child’s Christmas memorable!
More information: and

What would make a suitable gift?

The gifts will be given to children and youth of all ages, both boys and girls. The gifts will be sorted out in age groups of 0–1, 2–4, 5–7, 8– 10, 11–12, 13–15 and 16–17. Make sure that the gift is new and unused.

Suitable gifts include baby toys, children’s books, cuddly toys, colouring books, pens and other utensils, puzzles, jewelry and charms, stickers, DVD movies, board games, sports equipment and so on.

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