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EU project BioBarr develops advanced biomaterials for smart food packaging

TUT's unique pilot coating line will be used for process and material development of new bioplastics for food packaging
TUT's unique pilot coating line will be used for process and material development of new bioplastics for food packaging

The BioBarr Project (New Bio-based Food Packaging Materials with Enhanced Barrier Properties, Grant Agreement No. 745586) was born under the Horizon 2020 Program of the European Commission and the Bio-Based Industries Public-Private Partnership.

Starting on June 1st 2017, in its four years of activity it will involve 7 prestigious European partners - both public and private, from Italy, Spain, Denmark and Finland. The overall, extremely ambitious goal is to develop new biodegradable materials suitable for the food industry with excellent barrier functionality. The innovative biomaterial on which the Project will focus is the Bio-on bioplastics, as a potential substitute for conventional polymers. It will be produced from organic wastes, extruded to get a film and functionalised through two different alternative techniques for testing. The film will be validated on an industrial scale, initially on a limited number of food products, with different shelf life and durability requirements, demonstrating the ability to increase shelf-life of the products by at least 10% compared to ad-hoc solutions currently in use.

Paper Converting and Packaging Technology Research group from Tampere University of Technology (TUT) participates to the project with technical research activities in the fields of process and material development and end-use properties. Research group has strong expertise in extrusion process and over 20 years of experience in processing of bioplastics. TUT’s unique extrusion coating and lamination pilot line will be used for up-scaling and demonstration of the new materials developed in the project. In addition, the properties of the new materials will be widely evaluated to meet the requirements of target applications.

The consortium:

• Tecnoalimenti S.C.p.A. (Coordinator, Italy)

• BIO-ON S.p.A. (Italy)


• Centro Nacional de Tecnologia y Seguridad Alimentaria (CNTA) – Laboratorio de Ebro (Spain)



• TTY-SAATIO - Tampere University of Technology (Finland)

Project website:


Contact details:

Senior Research Fellow, Project Manager, Dr. Johanna Lahti,

Professor Jurkka Kuusipalo,

Laboratory of Materials Science/Paper Converting and Packaging Technology

News submitted by: Johanna Lahti
Keywords: science and research, services and collaboration, bioplastic, biopolymer, packaging, coating, extrusion, materials science, materiaalitekniikka