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Collaborative committee brings together Tampere3 partners and the Ministry of Education and Culture

The project to establish a unique new university in Tampere is making progress. A collaborative committee that brings together the three local higher education institutions and the Ministry of Education and Culture was established on Tuesday, 13 October.

The committee comprises Director Hannu Sirén (Ministry of Education and Culture), Counsellor of Government, Legal Affairs, Immo Aakkula (Ministry of Education and Culture), Vice President Mika Hannula (Tampere University of Technology), President Markku Lahtinen (Tampere University of Applied Sciences) and Director of Administration Petri Lintunen (University of Tampere).

Vice President Mika Hannula is pleased with the formation of the committee.

“The committee will enable the three higher education institutions (HEIs) and the Ministry to build a shared understanding of the latest developments affecting the Tampere3 project. We’ll stay up to date with the Ministry’s plans, and the Ministry will hear about our needs.”      

Tampere3 seeks to establish a unique and globally attractive university in Tampere

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and the University of Tampere (UTA) are making preparations to establish a unique new university in Tampere.

The new university would bring together a unique combination of research in the fields of technology, health, society, economy and leadership along with the full cycle of research, development and innovation. It would offer students a broad range of avenues to pursue both theoretical and practically oriented studies that meet the future needs of the labour market. The university would have a single structure for education leading to a degree and the authority to confer the degrees currently awarded by universities and universities of applied sciences, respectively.

The schedule of the Tampere3 process depends on the progress of amendments to current legislation and the available financial resources. Realistically, the new university may be expected to start its operations in 2019 at the earliest, provided that the necessary legislative changes are completed before the end of 2016. The HEIs have already launched projects that strengthen their existing collaboration and support the development of their operations and the establishment of the new university.

The three HEIs have initiated 11 teaching-related pilot projects that cut across institutional boundaries. Päivi Myllykangas, who has been appointed as Manager to oversee the planning of Tampere3,  will take up her new position on 16 November.


News submitted by: Merja Jaaksi
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