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Arto Aho receives Dissertation Award from City of Tampere

The City of Tampere Science Foundation is granting two dissertation awards this year for outstanding doctoral dissertations completed in 2015. One of these awards was given to TUT’s Arto Aho whose research helps improve solar cell efficiency.
Arto Aho accepted the award at TUT’s Opening of the academic year ceremony.
Arto Aho accepted the award at TUT’s Opening of the academic year ceremony.

The City of Tampere Science Foundation rewarded students of Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere for completing exceptionally commendable doctoral degrees in 2015. TUT’s award was given to Researcher Arto Aho who works in the Semiconductor Technology Group at TUT’s Optoelectronics Research Centre.

In his dissertation entitled ‘Dilute Nitride Multijunction Solar Cells Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy’, Aho used materials physics to improve the efficiency of solar cells and thereby raised the realistic efficiency boundaries of solar cells. Aho’s results are highly significant for the promotion of solar energy use as the production processes applied in the research can be utilised in both piloting and mass production almost as is.

“Cell efficiency ratio is a key factor in solar energy production, as it improves the efficiency and productivity of the whole investment,” Aho explains.

Aiming at record high in efficiency

The results from Aho’s dissertation are further processed and utilised in several research projects at TUT. The aim is to achieve new efficiency ratio records, innovations and cell use in advanced solar panels. These projects include a 2 MEUR EU project and a Tekes-funded panel development project led by Aho himself. International collaboration projects have also been set in motion.

“It is truly interesting and rewarding to develop next-generation state-of-the-art technology.” This award is a fine indication that Finland wishes to invest in advanced solar energy. It also adds to the inspiration for challenging the top experts around the world. Up here in the north, we should never forget that the sun always shines on export-worthy products,” Aho says.

Aho's dissertation meets international standards

As the grounds for Arto Aho’s selection as the Dissertation Award winner, President Mika Hannula lists the outstanding scientific level of the thesis by international standards and the recognitions received for the impact of the research findings.

“Both the pre-examiners and the opponent praised the scientific level of the dissertation and Aho’s highly in-depth expertise in his special area,” Hannula notes.

The award was handed out by Purchasing Director Pekka Kivekäs from the City of Tampere.

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