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Aki Jääskeläinen selected as co-winner of Emerald Outstanding Paper Award

Professor Harri Laihonen from the University of Tampere, Senior Research Fellow Aki Jääskeläinen from TUT, and Senior Researcher Sanna Pekkola from Lappeenranta University of Technology have received an Outstanding Paper Award for their article exploring the performance of service systems.

Emerald Group Publishing grants Outstanding Paper Awards to the best papers published in its scientific journals each year (Awards for Excellence - 2015). A paper titled ’Measuring performance of a service system’ has been selected as the best paper that appeared in Measuring Business Excellence in 2015.

This paper investigates the implications of the networked and open nature of the service business on performance measurement. Although the value of service is increasingly produced by service systems, solutions for measuring their performance are still lacking.

The paper presents a conceptual framework for capturing the performance of a service system in the public and private sectors. The two different service systems provide a complementary view on the phenomenon of service system performance and call for distinctive measurement solutions. The indicators for measuring performance were developed in close collaboration with the City of Helsinki’s Public Works Department, its partners and the kitchen cabinet manufacturer Novart.

The paper sheds new light on the performance measurement of service systems. It integrates service-dominant management philosophy into the long tradition of performance measurement, which concentrates excessively on organizational structures. Even though the common balanced performance measurement frameworks include the perspective of a customer, the application of the frameworks is easily side-tracked, leading to sub-optimization when several organizations and customers participate in the value-creation process.

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