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Academy Research Fellow Jonathan Massera appointed as an Assistant Professor

Academy Research Fellow Jonathan Massera has been appointed as an Assistant Professor (2nd term) in the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering from 1 September onwards. The professorship is in the field of Biomaterials.
Massera finds people at TUT laid-back but yet highly productive, as Finns in general.
Massera finds people at TUT laid-back but yet highly productive, as Finns in general.

Assistant Professor Jonathan Massera contributes to TUT research by bringing his expertise in bioactive glasses and glass-ceramics into the biomaterials research. Massera’s job is no more nor less than to build up a lab and own team as part of the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering group. Five year funding from the Academy of Finland gives great opportunities for the task.

Bioactive glass has many applications in bone and dental surgery. However while glass composition can be tailored at wish, they are brittle materials. Massera is a specialist in crystallization, which, if controlled, can give the glass higher strength. As all biomaterials have their weaknesses and strengths lies the future of the biomaterials within the composites, believes Massera. Composite research has been strong in TUT and own glass research gives further possibilities to tailor the composites. 

Massera believes strongly in cooperation within the scientific community but also with the industry:

I love fundamental science, but we do have to work closely together with companies to get out products to be sold at the market.

Massera completed BSc in Physics in 2003 at Univ. Grenoble II, at his hometown. Double Degree in Material Science and Engineering from Polytech’ Montpellier and Politecnico di Torino was a natural choice for Massera, born from Italian parents in France. Master’s Thesis was finished in 2006 and academic career continued in the USA with doctoral studies. Doctoral dissertation “Nucleation and growth behavior of tellurite-based glass suitable for mid-infrared application” in Glass Science was accepted in 2009. Massera was interested to return to Europe after the PhD. Finland and Turku became destination as his wife got a job in Finland and Massera himself connected with Leena Hupa from Åbo Akademi. During 2010-2014 he has worked at Åbo Akademi as a Post doctorate and Senior researcher.

Teaching is something Massera would like to do but an Academy Research Fellow funding requests to concentrate on research. However, small amount of teaching is allowed and thus in the future he will be able to teach part of the bioceramics course in order to attract talented students into the area of bioactive glasses.

Massera sees himself as a material scientist specialized in glass and therefore in order to learn more from the biosciences he is eagerly looking forward to work closely in the Laboratory for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, which he sees as a very competent group with strong networks both locally and worldwide. Working in the BioMediTech strengthens the biomaterial research even further. Massera is impressed with the warm welcome and support he has received, especially from the department and people working within biomaterials.

Text and photo: Kaisa Niskanen

News submitted by: Merja Jaaksi
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