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Academy of Finland grants TUT 3.5 million euros for research profiling

The Academy of Finland has made funding decisions to strengthen the profiling of Finnish universities. The target of this funding instrument is to support research areas selected by the universities themselves with a total of 50 million euros.

In their applications, the universities presented profiling measures for one or several research areas based on their strategies. The Academy of Finland founded its funding decisions on statements by an international review panel.

Out of the 14 universities that submitted their applications, 12 were granted funding. The sums of these four-year funding allocations vary between 560,000 euros and 12 million euros. TUT was granted a total of 3.5 million euros in funding, having applied for nearly 4.3 million euros for strengthening the research on light-based technologies and the digital operating environment. Funding was sought for, e.g., tenure track and postdoc positions.

This was the second time that funding was granted to universities for enhanced profiling. On the first application round in 2015, TUT received approx. 3.2 million euros in funding for supporting BioMediTech in cooperation with the University of Tampere and for the intelligent machines research area. Funding was also received for seeking closer research infrastructure cooperation with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

“Our success with the profiling application is an indication of the quality of our research. We received very praising comments to our application from the international expert panel,” Vice President for Research Ulla Ruotsalainen rejoices.

Consisting of leading experts (rectors, vice rectors, etc.) from European universities, the panel reviewed the applications, interviewed the management of each university and prepared statements based on the information gathered. The assessment criteria included the scope and clarity of the presented solutions, the plans for achieving an international research standard and the university’s commitment to the profiling process and the development of research quality.

“This funding helps us move quickly forward and towards the profile outlined in our strategy. TUT is also having active ongoing discussions on the division of work with the other technical universities in Finland. On the second application round, the division of work in the proposed profile areas was mainly discussed with the Universities of Oulu and Eastern Finland,” Ruotsalainen says.

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