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Academy of Finland granted funding for ten TUT projects

The Academy of Finland has decided to grant funding for 101 research projects with its ‘Forging ahead with research’ key project funding. Ten of these are launched at Tampere University of Technology.

Key project funding is a funding instrument stipulated in the Finnish Government’s Programme and distributed by the Academy of Finland. The funding is aimed at strengthening the quality and impact of research and promoting active collaboration with end-users and beneficiaries of research results.

The total budget for key project funding is 30 million euros. The funding is especially geared towards early-career researchers whose projects have been highly rated in previously organised peer reviews.

In this cycle, 17 per cent of the applicants were granted funding. The applications that were the most successful in the call were the ones that involved a new, inspiring and innovative idea for utilising the research findings. Most funding was granted to the fields of physics, computer sciences, electrical engineering and electronics, neurosciences and environmental sciences.

Overall, TUT received approximately 3 MEUR for ten different projects in the call. The projects were launched on 1 October 2016 and they will end on 30 September 2018.

Funding recipients and their projects at TUT:

Sanches Ribeiro, Andre: Engineering and analysis tools of synthetic genes with tailored dynamics

Kiili, Kristian: Web-based research service for deploying mathematics learning apps and game-based assessment in global scale

Levänen, Erkki: Green processing of functional surfaces by supercritical carbon dioxide

Pekkola, Samuli: Holistically speaking: Institutionalizing Enterprise Architecture in the Public Sector (HOPE-project)

Pursiainen, Sampsa: High- and low-frequency inverse imaging with signal sparsity: biomedical and astro/geophysical applications

Rasilo, Paavo: Open-Source Modeling Environment and Benchmark for Magneto-Mechanical Problems

Räsänen, Esa: Health tracking through fractal analysis of complex signals

Suomalainen, Soile: New, programmable light source for mid-infrared wavelength range - MIRLIGHT

Syrjälä, Ville: In-Band Full-Duplex Radio Technology: Realizing Next Generation Wireless Transmission

Ukkonen, Anna Leena: Utilization of Wireless Implantable Pressure Sensors in Biomedicine: In Vivo Testing for Clinical Use and Commercialization (PressureSense)

News submitted by: Tiina Leivo
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