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TUT, Tieto and CA Technologies to Partner on Collaborative Robotics Research

Tampere University of Technology, Tieto and CA Technologies start Cobotics collaboration project. Collaborative robotics is one of the fastest growing area in the domain of robotics.
Team member Cobotics, Fahad Sohrab at one of the TUT robot facilities.
Team member Cobotics, Fahad Sohrab at one of the TUT robot facilities.

The Cobotics collaboration project will explore the challenges of building safe, secure and effective Human-to-Robot workflows.  Ensuring proper control and execution of these “cobot” workflows and understanding their information requirements is central to maximizing the potential of robot-human collaboration.

“Robotics has reached a stage where the value that robots provide can be significantly amplified by enabling them to truly collaborate with humans.  Developing the right models and algorithms for that collaboration, while paying careful attention to safety and cybersecurity will define the next phase in the robotics field. CA has the experience and our researchers have the deep technical expertise that can help inform this evolution.” says Otto Berkes, executive vice president and chief technology officer, CA Technologies.

The project has jointly been funded by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Finland’s Tampere University of Technology,  Tieto and CA Technologies.

The first phase of the project is predicted to conclude at the end of December 2018.

“Engaging in truly international collaboration with reputed companies, such as CA Technologies and Tieto in the field of co-botics is very exciting for us in Tampere University of Technogy. It defines the essense of National Science Foundation Industry University Collaboration with international competence. The TEKES and NSF funded Center of Visual and Decision Informatics (CVDI) is proud to host such a project, says NSF CVDI Finland Site Director, Professor Moncef Gabbouj from TUT.

“Collaborative robotics are seen as a relatively new area within information technology.  The NSF CVDI Cobotics is a project where research and development of next generation technologies in augmented intelligence, artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning including visual analytics and other disruptive technologies enable and enhance development in well-being, happiness and productivity at work. For several years we have been collaborating in research with Tampere University of Technology and warmly welcome CA Tecnologies into our research ecosystem” concludes Matti Vakkuri, Head of Technology, IoT, at Tieto Corporation.

CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) creates software that fuels transformation for companies and enables them to seize the opportunities of the application economy.

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