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Oskari Vilamo Fund awards the best dissertations in construction-related fields

The Oskari Vilamo Fund administered under the Foundation for Economic Education gives out annual awards in recognition of the best dissertations written in the field of construction in the previous year. One of the winners is Marco D´Ignazio, who completed his doctorate at TUT.

The winners of the 2016 Oskari Vilamo Dissertation Awards are DTech Marco D´Ignazio from Tampere University of Technology and DTech Henri Haimi and DTech Kaisa Västilä from Aalto University.  

Marco D'Ignazio’s doctoral dissertation explored the characterization and modelling of the shear strength of Finnish clays for short-term stability calculations. Deposits of soft clays are widespread in Finland, especially in coastal areas. Soft clays are characterized by very low shear strength and high compressibility. Such soils may therefore cause several problems to civil engineers dealing with the stability calculations of embankments. For embankments founded on clay, the short-term condition is known to be the most critical one. A reliable assessment of the shear strength for this condition is generally difficult to obtain, mainly because of the complex mechanical behaviour of these soils. It may also require a lot of costly laboratory and field tests. In many cases, limited or poor-quality testing, along with hypotheses that are overly conservative, results in expensive design solutions.

The correlations for shear strength specific to Finnish clays were presented for the first time in D'Ignazio's dissertation.

“My dissertation contains useful and practical guidelines for geotechnical engineers dealing with soft clays, also beyond Finland. Moreover, the new findings on the shear strength of clays constitute a strong basis for future research,” stated D'Ignazio in the media release of his doctoral dissertation.  

IIn addition, the Oskari Vilamo Fund awarded a total of eight master’s thesis awards to graduates from Aalto University and the University of Oulu.

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