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New outdoor fitness park opens on the TUT campus

The new outdoor fitness park on the campus of Tampere University of Technology (TUT) is called 'Ulkoareena'. President of TUT Mika Hannula announced the name when the fitness park opened on 6 October.
The outdoor fitness park called ’Ulkoareena’ opened on campus on Friday, 6 October.
The outdoor fitness park called ’Ulkoareena’ opened on campus on Friday, 6 October.

Ulkoareena is located on the campus front lawn between the Tietotalo building and the parking garage. It provides easy access to outdoor exercise to the members of the campus community, namely students, staff and the employees of companies located on campus. The construction of Ulkoareena was a joint effort between TUT and University Properties of Finland Ltd.

Ukkoareena promotes emotional and physical well-being

Ulkoareena provides an important counterbalance to work and studies.

“I think it’s very important that all the members of the TUT community take care of themselves. We should all exercise our minds and bodies in equal measure,” said Mika Hannula in his opening speech.

The new Ulkoareena complements the existing sports facilities on the TUT campus. According to Hannula, the idea was not to hide the outdoor fitness park but build it on a site where everyone can see it. The prominent location highlights the easy access to the fitness park and encourages the campus community to use the equipment. The park is also visible to people who visit the campus.

The name ‘Ulkoareena’ was selected from among 20 proposals submitted to the name competition.

“The name fits in with our existing Kampusareena building and sports hall Tamppi Areena”, says Hannula.  

Excellent concept

CEO of University Properties of Finland Ltd Mauno Sievänen also emphasized the importance of exercise as part of the campus culture.

”We at University Properties of Finland are so impressed with this excellent idea that we’ll be working to introduce similar concepts on our other two dozen or so campuses in Finland,” says Sievänen.  

In addition to opening words given by Hannula and Sievänen, the programme of the ribbon-cutting ceremony included a live performance by the student choir Teekkarikuoro. The event was hosted by Jouni Lyly-Yrjänäinen and sports drinks were provided courtesy of University Properties of Finland Ltd.  

TUT President Mika Hannula had the idea for an outdoor fitness park last spring, and the project was carried out in collaboration between TUT and University Properties of Finland.

Anna Hautamäki and Mikko Haikonen from Unipoli Sport instructed the audience on the use of the facilities. It is easy to use the equipment even without assistance, because all the gym equipment feature a QR code for on-the-spot exercise tuition. The equipment is designed by Lappset.  

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