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Distinguished Dissertation Awards given out at TUT

The Science Fund of the City of Tampere has awarded the best dissertation written at TUT in 2016. The jury also granted an honourable mention to a dissertation that makes important contributions to society. The awards were given out at the opening of the academic year on 4 September.
Doctors of Science (Technology) Caglar Aytekin and Satu Huuhka were awarded at the opening of the academic year.
Doctors of Science (Technology) Caglar Aytekin and Satu Huuhka were awarded at the opening of the academic year.

The Science Fund of the City of Tampere gives out annual awards in recognition of the best dissertations completed in the local universities. One distinguished dissertation from each of the five faculties at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) was nominated for the award. The winner of the 2016 Distinguished Dissertation Award is Caglar Aytekin for his dissertation titled “Quantum Cuts – A Quantum Mechanical Spectral Graph Partitioning Method for Salient Object Detection”.

Aytekin’s dissertation is written in the field of signal processing and explores salient object detection, or how machines learn to identify important objects in photographs. Aytekin developed novel computational methods for accurate and reliable object recognition.  

“The dissertation makes a significant contribution to fundamental research in machine vision and demonstrates the broad applicability of the research area, for example, in the fields of artificial intelligence, image enhancement and image compression,” the jury commented. 

The Distinguished Dissertation Award is the latest in a long line of recognitions for Aytekin. His dissertation was the winner of the IBM Best Paper Award at the International Conference of Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2015), the world’s premier conference on pattern recognition, and he received the Best PhD Nordic PhD Thesis Award in June 2017.

“I especially want to thank my dissertation supervisors, Professor Moncef Gabbouj from the Laboratory of Signal Processing at TUT and Visiting Professor Serkan Kiranyaz from Qatar University for their support and for the opportunity to select this research topic,” Caglar Aytekin says. 

Honourable mention for societal impact

Tampere University of Technology awarded an honourable mention to Satu Huuhka for her dissertation in the field of architecture titled “Building ’Post-Growth’: Quantifying and Characterizing Resources in the Building Stock."

Huuhka’s societally important research explores the geography and characteristics of obsolete parts of the Finnish building stock, that is, demolished and problematically vacant buildings. Compared to other countries, Finland has a large number of empty or underutilized apartments and commercial properties. Despite this, new buildings are constantly under construction. Satu Huuhka investigated the potential uses of existing building stock.

“The research results promote sustainable development and circular economy,” the jury said.

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