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Higher education in Tampere appealed to young students

At Tuesday’s Korkeakouluopiskelijaksi Tampereelle study exhibition, approximately 4,200 young students gathered to hear more about higher education in Tampere.
Staff and students from the higher education institutions answered questions about studying and career choices in Park Hall.
Staff and students from the higher education institutions answered questions about studying and career choices in Park Hall.

The event was held for the third time in Tampere Hall. All four of Tampere’s higher education institutions were on display at the exhibition: Police University College (Polamk), Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Tampere University of Technology (TUT), and University of Tampere (UTA).

Different study fields presented themselves at subject-specific info points and in information sessions held in Tampere Hall and at the University of Tampere. Staff and students from the higher education institutions were also present to tell about different career choices and give practical tips concerning issues that pressed on the young visitors’ minds, such as the upcoming entrance exams.

Career choices and employment on the table

Some visitors made a beeline for the info points that interested them the most, while others went with the flow, unsure of which study opportunities they would like to know more about.

“It’s still a bit unclear where I should go after upper secondary school,” admits Vili Westerlund.

Employment after graduation, however, did not seem to be the most pressing concern affecting study choices.

“I haven’t thought about employment too much at this point. I’m working in commerce at the moment, and perhaps I would like to study something related to that,” Hanna Keskinen says.

Tampere appeals to prospective students

Essi Niemelä and Pinja Salonen from Kaleva Upper Secondary School have kept employment in mind while choosing what to study. Niemelä is interested in studying technology at TUT, perhaps physics or chemistry, while Salonen is considering applying to study psychology or other humanities. However, they both easily agreed on the city they wanted to study in: Tampere.

“Tampere appeals to me because it’s my home town, which makes it an easy choice,” Niemelä says.

“Tampere is also a big city with a lot of different study possibilities,” Salonen adds.

Student counsellors interested in the Tampere3 project

For the first time this year, the exhibition featured a student counsellor break room where counsellors and group leaders could catch their breath. In the the break room, they could also ask questions regarding the Tampere3 project from Kirsi Aalto, Project Manager for teaching support services and information systems. Aalto answered questions on the new university group’s name, faculty structures, and many other subjects.

“This whole project stems from the good collaboration that has always been conducted between TUT, UTA, and TAMK, such as in the field of biotechnology. Now we are making this collaboration wider and deeper,” Aalto summarises.

Younger visitors were not quite as interested in Tampere3 as the student counsellors. Many had heard or read about the project, but the creation of a new university group seemed to have little impact on the students’ future plans.

“I have heard about it, but I haven’t thought about what it means for me yet,” Niemelä says.

Text: Ida Vahtera
Photo: Jonne Renvall

News submitted by: Riku Haapaniemi
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