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Highly corrosion and wear resistant coatings for industrial applications

Thermally sprayed iron-based coatings are among the most studied topics in the field of surface engineering and coating technologies due to their low price, their high mechanical and chemical properties, their low environmental impact and the high health safety. During the last decade the number of scientific publications on thermally sprayed iron-based coatings grew remarkably, demonstrating the rising interest in this field.

The thesis by Andrea Milanti strives to introduce a novel, reliable, cheap, environmentally friendly and non-hazardous iron-based coating solution capable to cope with wear and corrosion in several industrial applications. The achievement of such goal started from a proper selection of feedstock material and with the improvement both of its composition and of the particle size distribution of the corresponding feedstock powders. Concurrently, a full understanding of the effect of hardware components in thermal spraying systems and of spraying parameters on the manufactured coatings has to be accomplished.

Thermally sprayed iron-based coatings were found to possess high intra-lamellar hardness, high residual compressive stresses and energy dissipation mechanisms beneficial to different wear conditions where adhesive, abrasive and impact wear mechanisms are present. Moreover, higher impermeability than that of conventional nickel-based coatings was confirmed in corrosion tests, since the open pores where the electrolyte managed to penetrate the coatings during test could be subsequently filled by corrosion products (“plugging effect”). The overall high quality of the coatings was attained by extensive and deep investigation of microstructure, mechanical properties and thermal behaviour and their effects on wear and corrosion properties of coatings.

Overall, the thesis displays promising results concerning the high performances of thermally sprayed iron-based coating solutions in different testing environments, validating such coatings as future replacement to conventional industrial anti-wear and corrosion solutions.

Public defence of a doctoral dissertation on Friday, 19 August


The doctoral dissertation of MSc Andrea Milanti entitled “Characteristics of Iron-based Thermal Sprayed Coatings Manufactured with High Velocity Oxygen Fuel and High Velocity Air Fuel Spraying for Wear and Corrosion Applications” will be publicly examined on Friday, 19 August 2016 at 12 noon in Auditorium K1702 in the Konetalo building at Tampere University of Technology.

The opponents will be Professor Thomas Lampke from Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany, and Professor Shrikant Joshi from University West, Sweden. Professor Petri Vuoristo from the Department of Materials Science at TUT will act as Chairman.

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