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TUT Signal Processing in the frontline of the new AI era: Course Module on Machine Learning

Department of Signal Processing strengthens its course modules on machine learning (artificial intelligence). Department provides broad overview of the methods, but sets the main focus on the emerging techniques such as deep convolutional neural network (DCNN) architectures.
Dept of Signal Processing Machine Learning course modules
Dept of Signal Processing Machine Learning course modules

Since 2012 deep convolutional neural networks have altered the landscape of machine learning and artificial intelligence and many breakthrough results have been witnessed during the last few years. Neural network learning is old approach, but they were in the marginal for about 15 years until now when they are back and stronger than never before - in particular - deep convolutional neural network (DCNN) architectures. It is not only the academics who are astonished about the recent findings, but big ICT companies (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Baidu etc.) have acquired substantial brain power and knowledge in the terms of recruited academics, acquired companies and AI engineers who keep introducing new amazing AI applications on weekly basis. Many companies have complined that they lack AI and machine learning educated engineers in their AI divisions. For example, Toyota recently launched a large research program and new units where the new AI techniques are used to develop future autonomous and safe vehicles - by AI and data engineers instead of traditional ICT experts.

It certainly is time to respond the demand in Finland as well!

Department of Signal Processing invests on the next AI era and develops course modules that will support the future needs of ICT and other companies that will tackle future problems on a completely new level of AI. The trend is already evident from the growing number of participants in the courses - the students have heard rumors of such things as Deep Mind, Deep Dream - they will be the inventors of the next big Deep X...

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