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360 video is passion, art and high tech

What kind of virtual worlds can we create with 360 camera technology? How are the production and direction of 360 videos different from traditional filming? What new potential does the recently launched Nokia Ozo camera bring to the table? Learn more about 360-videos at the CIVIT Technology Day!

The programme includes presentations by world-renowned experts in immersive video capture, coding and streaming technologies.

The keynote speakers are Senior Product Manager Andrew Baldwin from Nokia Technologies, Distinguished Scientist Miska Hannuksela from Nokia Labs, CEO Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen from Rakka Creative and Co-founder, Creative Director & Executive Producer Kasimir Lehto from Mandala VR Ltd.

At the event, we will demonstrate on-line capture of an artistic performance and discuss the practical steps of creating immersive VR content and how a director looks at it. VR demos will be provided by the most passionate VR-ers in Finland.

CIVIT Technology Day: The Art and Tech of 360 Video

Time: Tuesday, 4 October 2016 at 9:30 am–5:30 pm
Location: Tampere University of Technology Sähkötalo building, auditorium S1 (Korkeakoulunkatu 3, Tampere)
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Learn more about the CIVIT Partnership Programme

The Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies is a nationwide research facility jointly funded by the Academy of Finland and TUT. It provides first-class facilities, equipment and research expertise for professionals and students in the sectors of visual scene sensing, processing, and immersive display.

The CIVIT Technology Day – The Art and Tech of 360 Video – marks the launch of the CIVIT Partnership Programme. After one year of active existence, CIVIT is ready to take the next challenging step as an effective platform for running collaborative projects, attracting talented students and maintaining an active relationship with related industries.

We invite everyone interested in the CIVIT activities to come and learn more about the partnership programme.

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