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Science Council

The Science Council comprises 6-8 members and must include at least one representative of each faculty at TUT. The President appoints one of the Vice Presidents to chair the Science Council. Matters that come before the Science Council are prepared by employees of the University Services unit. The Science Council appoints a Vice Chair from among its members. Members of the TTY Foundation’s Board are entitled to attend and speak at the Science Council’s meetings.

The Science Council has the following duties:

  1. to support the University’s Board, Academic Board, President, faculties and departments by promoting the quality of scientific research and discussion relating to national science policy;
  2. to make proposals to the Academic Board or President regarding the University’s research activities;
  3. to serve as an expert body in matters that concern research ethics. This does not include investigations that are conducted following a suspected violation of academic integrity and the responsible conduct of research in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity;
  4. to foster discussion relating to research ethics and academic integrity at the University; to perform other duties assigned to the Science Council.

The members of the Science Council and their personal deputy members in 1.1.2017-31.12.2017 are:

Tiedeneuvoston kokoonpano toimikaudella 1.1.2017 - 31.12.2017 (suluissa varajäsenet):

Professor Moncef Gabbouj (Academy Research Fellow Matti Mäntysalo)
Professor Mikko Kaasalainen (Senior Research Fellow Pasi Raumonen)
Professor Juho Kanniainen (Professor Kalle Kähkönen)
Professor Martti Kauranen (Professor Esa Räsänen)
Professor Minna Kellomäki (Academy Research Fellow Veikko Sariola)
Professor Jouni Mattila (Professor Minnamari Vippola)

Vice-President Jarmo Takala serves as the chairperson of the Science Council.

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