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The Doctoral Education Council

The Doctoral Education Council comprises 7 members: the vice deans for research, two student representatives and their deputy members. The deans deputize for the heads of doctoral programmes on the Doctoral Education Council. Student representatives and their deputy members are appointed by the Student Union. 

The Doctoral Education Council has the following duties:

  1. to prepare general educational regulations and consistent guidelines that govern degree and non-degree education for consideration by the Academic Board and promote collaboration across doctoral programmes;
  2. to prepare matters that come before the Academic Board or President regarding the management, development and quality of doctoral education;
  3. to make proposals to the President regarding the number of places available in the University’s Graduate School and the call for applications;
  4. to stay up to date with the activities of national doctoral education networks;
  5. to foster and assess the scientific quality of doctoral dissertations;
  6. to perform other duties assigned to the Doctoral Education Council.


The members of the Doctoral Education Council and their personal deputy members in 1.1.2018 - are:

Chair Vice president Jarmo Takala

Professor Eskola Hannu (Dean Kellomäki Minna)
Professor Mäkinen Saku (Dean Harrikari Heli)
Professor Rintala Jukka (Dean Vuorinen Jyrki)
Professor Vippola Minnamari (Dean Kuosmanen Pauli)
Professor Visa Ari (Dean Grundström Mika )
Doctoral student Nummela Sami (Doctoral student Tiihonen Juha)
Doctoral student Niittymäki Minna (Doctoral student Kirjavainen Johanna)

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