Board of the TTY Foundation - Tampere University of Technology

Board of the TTY Foundation

According to the Universities Act and the Charter of the TTY Foundation, the Board must represent the highest national and international expertise in the sciences and arts in the field of operation of the University and in societal and business life. The Board decides, among others, on the strategy of the Foundation, on matters concerning the operations and economy of the Foundation as well as on other far-reaching plans.

The members of the Board of the TTY Foundation are:

Tero Ojanperä, PhD (Chair of the Board)
Sirpa Jalkanen, MD, PhD (Vice Chair of the Board)
Antti Kaunonen, DTech 
Kati Korhonen-Yrjänheikki, DTech
Sixten Korkman, DSocSci
Nando Malmelin, DSocSci
Mari Pantsar, PhD


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