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Academic Board

As stipulated in the Universities Act, the Academic Board is a multi-member body that represents the entire university community.

Three permanent subordinate bodies, the Science Council, the Educational Council and the Doctoral Education Council, operate under the Academic Board. These councils prepare matters that come before the Academic Board.

The remit of the Academic Board is (University Regulations, 10 §):

  1. to appoint members to the Board after hearing the founders of the foundation university;
  2. to decide on the duration of board members’ term of office;
  3. to decide on curricula and degree requirements;
  4. to decide on student admission criteria;
  5. to decide on degree regulations and other general rules related to teaching and research;
  6. to appoint the necessary boards or other organs to deal with matters related to degrees, assessment and rectification, and to appoint chairpersons, members and deputy members to them;
  7. to decide, within the framework of the University’s strategy and agreement with the Ministry of Education, on the intake of new students upon presentation by the faculties;
  8. to monitor and develop the quality of the University’s operations;
  9. to submit statements to the Board regarding the establishment and discontinuation of teaching and research units and degree programmes;
  10. to process other matters assigned to it.

The Academic Board consists of 10 members that represent the staff and students. The President of the University serves as the chairman of the Academic Board.

The members of the Academic Board during the term of office 1 January 2014 - 31 December 2018 are (personal deputy member in parenthesis):


Jorma Keskinen (Jyrki Mäkelä)
Hannu-Matti Järvinen (Jari Hyttinen)
Tim Länsivaara (Seppo Tikkanen)
Mikko Valkama (Ari Visa)

Other teaching and research staff and other staff

Heikki Huttunen (Antti Stenvall)
Suvi-Päivikki Ikonen (Ilkka Hirvonen)
Jarmo Ruusila (Pirkko Mustola)

Juha Köykkä (Jani Patrakka)
Nelli Putkonen (Lassi Mäkinen)
Jani Sillanpää (Tiina Mikkonen)

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