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Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering

Pursuing excellence, The Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering is an international, diverse and multidisciplinary community of researchers and students. The topical research covers the essential ingredients of building the future digital society with solutions that are groundbreaking and designed understanding the human needs. The outcome of the basic research in software design and systems, signal processing, communications engineering and networking, computer science, electrical engineering, and power engineering finds its applications in many forefronts of society, ICT, industrial intelligent machines, healthcare, consumer solutions and so forth. We are ready to look beyond the obvious next step.

The Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering comprises the following laboratories:

Applicants who complete their studies in Finnish choose between two fields of study:

Students must first complete a broad Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.  After completing the programme, students continue their studies towards a master’s degree in either the MSc Programme in Information Technology or the MSc Programme in Electrical Engineering. Please note that this only applies to students who are proficient in Finnish.

In addition, the faculty offers nine international master’s degree programmes that are conducted in English:


The Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering offers you the opportunity to pursue high-quality postgraduate education and conduct research under the supervision of experienced scientists. The postgraduate degrees Licentiate of Science in Technology and Doctor of Science in Technology may be completed at the faculty.    

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