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Tampere University of Technology
Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering
P.O. Box 553
33101 Tampere
Visiting address:
Korkeakoulunkatu 1
33720 Tampere
Tietotalo building, 2. floor, corridor D

Mika Grundström, Dean
Pekka Verho, Professor, Vice Dean for Education
Ari Visa, Professor, Vice Dean for Research
Tiina Harjula, Faculty Manager
Heidi Huttunen, Faculty Assistant

Educational services:
Susanna Ketola, Team Leader, Academic Officer
Elina Orava, Academic Officer
Mari Torikka, Academic Officer
Anna-Mari Viitala, Academic Officer
Päivi Salo, Student Services Assistant
Anna-Maria Syrjämäki, Student Services Assistant

HR services:
Miia Haikonen, HR Specialist
Noora Rotola-Pukkila, HR Assistan
Meri Vuorela, HR Assistant

Financial services:
Heikki Jokinen, Development Manager, Financial management in the faculty level, Supervisor for controllers, Controller in the Laboratory of Pervasive Computing
Tiina Sävilahti, Financial Administrative Assistant

Pirkko Ruotsalainen, Controller, Laboratory of Signal Processing
Virve Larmila, Team Leader, Financial Administrative Assistant

Sari Kinnari, Controller, Laboratory of Electronics and Communications Engineering
Tuija Grek, Financial Administrative Assistant

Jukka Kaipainen, Controller, Laboratory of Electrical Energy Engineering
Nitta Laitinen, Financial Administrative Assistant

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