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Tampere University of Technology
Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering
P.O. Box 553
33101 Tampere
Visiting address:
Korkeakoulunkatu 1
33720 Tampere
Tietotalo building, 2. floor, corridor D

Mika Grundström, Dean
Pekka Verho, Professor, Vice Dean for Education
Ari Visa, Professor, Vice Dean for Research
Tiina Harjula, Faculty Manager

Educational services:
Susanna Ketola, Team Leader, Academic Officer
Elina Orava, Academic Officer
Mari Torikka, Academic Officer
Anna-Mari Viitala, Academic Officer
Kirsi Poutanen-Roti, Student Services Assistant
Päivi Salo, Student Services Assistant

Anna-Maria Syrjämäki, Student Services Assistant

HR services:
Miia Haikonen, HR Specialist
Maikku Karvonen, HR Assistant
Biljana Niemelä, HR Assistant

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