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TUT Spin-off companies

Below is a list of the TUT spin-offs, to which the University has transferred research-related immaterial property under a contract. The support provided by TUT has been remarkable considering the birth of these companies. Many of these companies are also located in TUT premises.

Business is a concrete way to get research results in a good use and increase the value, impact and societal effect of universities research.



Sorvimo Optimointipalvelut Ltd

The company develops easy-to-use software products to enhance engineering and related services and has a strong customer focus.



Wirepas Ltd

Wirepas Ltd is focused on providing the most reliable, optimized, scalable and easy-to-use device connectivity for its customers. Wirepas Connectivity is a de-centralized radio communications protocol that can be used in any device, with any radio chip and on any radio band. The company has its roots at Tampere University of Technology where a ten-year research project was conducted on radio frequency mesh technology. Now Wirepas has its headquarters in Tampere and offices in Australia, France, Germany, South Korea, the UK and the USA.




ColloidTek Ltd

ColloidTek Ltd was born from research conducted at TUT. The company specializes in the digital measurement of the properties of liquids. The company sells and develops a method that enables continuous, real-time and non-intrusive monitoring of the quality of liquids. Unlike conventional methods, ColloidTek's solution is also applicable to thick liquids.



Ampliconyx Ltd

Ampliconyx Ltd is a spin-off company from the Optoelectronics Research Centre at Tampere University of Technology. The core technology of Ampliconyx is patented tapered optical fibers doped by rare-earth elements. Thanks to its proprietary IP, Ampliconyx offers unmatched cost/performance in powerful ultrafast all-fiber lasers and amplifiers for major industries with tremendous market potential based on a wide range of applications.



Braincare Ltd

BrainCare Oy is a TUT spin-off that has a mission to deliver long-term epilepsy monitoring solutions to improve the quality of care for epilepsy patients. The company currently offers the following products: SOENIA™ Epilepsy Diary, SOENIA™ Epilepsy Cloud, and Encevis® EEG software. BrainCare is also developing an implant for long-term monitoring using novel technology invented at TUT.





Cutosense Ltd

Cutosense Ltd was founded after a long  period of research. It specializes in the development of wound measurement and treatment systems. The MC-Patch treatment system is intended for assessing and treating hard-to-heal wounds.


Ekin Labs Ltd

Ekin Labs Ltd is a TUT spin-off that has developed an innovative home security system, which can connect to existing WiFi networks in your home and keep a look out for intruders using an app on your smartphone/tablet. Ekin Labs is the winner of the 2017 CES Innovation Award in the software and mobile apps category. The company's headquarters are now in the USA and it is known as Radiomaze, Inc. whose subsidiaries are Ekin Labs Ltd in Finland and Radiomaze s.r.l. in Italy.



Tide Medical Ltd

Tide Medical is currently operating in intellectual property rights holding and licensing. Its impedance pneumography -based technology has been licensed to Revenio Group. Revenio has commercialized the technology with their Ventica® product.




Ääni Company Ltd

Ääni Company Ltd makes meaningful sound and speech accessible, understandable and actionable. 'Ääni' means sound, voice, tone, noise and audio in Finnish. Ääni Company consists of digital signal processing craftsmen making sense of speech and sound, be it automatic speech recognition, digital sound processing or machine learning. Their services include commissioned research and concepting, product development and service design.


Movendos Ltd

Movendos specializes in technologies and services that promote personal health and wellbeing. The company develops customized digital solutions with a special emphasis on cost-effective services, positive customer experiences, personal coaching and secure remote services. 



Noiseless Imaging Ltd

Noiseless Imaging Ltd offers image and video denoising solutions.



Forciot Ltd

Forciot was born out of love for engineering challenges and sports. The company provides unique flexible and integratable sensor technology for the accurate measurement of power, weight, pressure and balance. The FORCIOT® solution comes with an advanced connectivity system which conveys the measurement data to an application or could service in real time. The technology can be used, for example, in sports, healthcare and industrial applications. The company also offers its customers a planning service for integrating FORCIOT® technology.



Realin Ltd

Realin specializes in sensor data and Internet of Things applications and cloud services.



Wellness Warehouse Engine Ltd

Wellness Warehouse Engine provides businesses and healthcare organizations an API brokering service to enable cost efficient access to wide spread of consumer-collected health and wellness data of their end users or patients. W2E's list of integrated device manufacturers includes all relevant brands in the connected health market.



Tassu ESP Ltd

The Tassu EDF (Electric Diffusion Filter) technology has been developed and tested in the Tampere University of Technology and in the Mikkeli University of Applied Science and the basic concept has been piloted and tested in various applications. The commercial applications for Tassu EDF technology are small scale bio fuel combustion, crematorium, wet scrubbing, diesel exhaust gas cleaning etc.



Vexlum Ltd

Vexlum Ltd manufactures state-of-the-art lasers, VECSELs, with unique combination of benefits, such as wavelength customization, high-power, high-brightness, narrow-linewidth, size, and costs. These lasers are used for example in medical and in scientific market. Entry products target emerging applications in quantum technology.

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