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Pervasive Computing

Pervasive computing

The department of pervasive computing educates IT experts based on its scientific research knowledge. Areas of research include software engineering, usability, open-source environments, personal navigation, wireless sensor networks, multiprocessor systems, Internet architechtures and protocols and information security.

Number of different kinds of computers around us increases without a limit. They have to accomplish tasks with growing complexity with decreasing power consumption. Pervasive computing answers to for example these tasks with internationally high level of research and teaching.

Our department is responsible for teaching the basic courses of information technology and programming in the whole university. The department belongs to the faculty of computing and electrical engineering. Our courses are mainly targeted to Information Technology's and Signal Processing and Communications Engineering's degree programs.

In research and advanced studies our strong fields are computer engineering, usability, parallel-, distributed-, mobile-  and embedded systems, datastructures and algorithms and research of teaching programming. In addition to these our department also devotes to positioning and navigation, computer- and processor techniques, Internet architechtures and protocols and information security related research and study.

We offer graduate and post-graduate studies and updating education courses. You can write thesis for bachelor of engineering and master of science degrees and licenciate of technology, doctor of technology and doctor of philosophy post-graduate degrees.

If you wish to study the information technology of the future, please, visit out University's common admission page.

There are 11 professors in our department, who are responsible for planning and implementing our research and education. About 6-8 doctors of technology and 60-70 masters of science graduate every year from our department..

You can find announcements and short stories related to our activities through our twitter-account and dept. blog.


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