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Water Hydraulics


The use of water hydraulics is one possibility to develop fluid power systems to more environmental friendly direction. In this context water hydraulics can be understood as a technology, which is using water or water based fluids for transmission of energy and power.

Water hydraulics is the first fluid power technology, which is used already in 18th century. The modern water hydraulics technology is new application area, which has had strongly increasing trend since 1980’s. Using different waters instead of oils in hydraulic systems brings the following benefits: environmental safe, fire safe, explosion safe, low cost fluid, good availability of the fluid, easy storage of the fluid etc.


Water hydraulics has been a research area in IHA already since 1980's. In that time IHA was making cooperation with industry in developing deep diving submersibles.

In the beginning of 1990's IHA also invested quite large scale research facilities for water hydraulics, which include large capacity power pack, measurement transducers, components etc. During 1990's and new millennium numerous industrial projects and academic research programs has been carried in the field of water hydraulics. This has created a strong basis for present research activities.

Water hydraulic forklift with intelligent
condition monitoring system
Water hydraulic Stewart
motion platform


Today there are about ten researchers in IHA's water hydraulics group. The research is focused on fluid dynamics, motion control, pump research, water quality and condition monitoring. Valkeakoski Regional Unit has concentrated on research of high pressure water applications especially in food and paper industry.

Pump research test rig Water jet cutting system

Professor Kari T. Koskinen

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