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Welcome to the pages of the Department of Civil Engineering!

Finland has two university-level units providing civil engineering education, one at TUT in Tampere and the other at Aalto University. Thus, the societal responsibility of TUT Department of Civil Engineering as an educator of construction sector professionals that meet statutory qualifications, and as a producer of the research data needed by the construction and real estate sector, is of great significance. The focal areas of our Unit in both education and research are: structures and their design, building production and processes, life-cycle management and IT in the construction and real estate sector.

The Unit employs a staff of about 120. The teaching staff consists of slightly over 20 persons, nine of whom are professors. The majority of the staff are researchers who for the most part conduct research as part of their post-graduate studies. In addition to researchers, we employ annually about 20 undergraduates to work on their master's theses and serve as research assistants and summer employees.

About a third of the Unit's total funding derives from the Ministry of Education's operational expenditure allocations and about two-thirds from other public funding and commissioned research. Its active engagement in commissioned research and broad societal responsibility have resulted in the establishment of active co-operation networks with practically all Finnish construction and real estate sector actors. The business service page provides links to the expert, laboratory and measurement, product development, and training and education services offered by the Unit.

The Unit provides research, education and business services in its four core research areas of earth and foundation structures, structural engineering, construction management and economics and Information technology in civil engineering. Each research area has one or more teams concentrating on a more specific subject field. The pages of the research areas describe the related activity in more detail. Research results are published both domestically and internationally in conference publications, as articles in journals, and as scholarly theses and research reports.

The aim of the education at the Department of Civil Engineering is to provide extensive knowledge of the basics of the construction sector and special skills in at least one professional field. Typically those graduating with an MSc in civil engineering find employment in construction, construction management, design, maintenance, product development, research, teaching and administration, or the business side of construction.

The Head of the Unit is Pauli Kolisoja.

The street address of the Unit is Korkeakoulunkatu 5 (Rakennustalo).

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