Map and parking - Tampere University of Technology

Campus map and parking arrangements

TUT Campus

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TUT Campus

Campus room numbers:
Example: room TB205

T = Tietotalo building
B = Wing
2 = Floor

F = Festia
K = Konetalo
P = Main Building
R = R akennustalo
S = Sähkötalo
T = Tietotalo


Campus parking for visitors

Visitors can find parking space in Parking garage and outdoor parking area west of it  and front of it (called Etuparkki). Fees on these areas are:

  • weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00: 1 euro/hour at Etuparkki
  • 1 euro/hour at all times in Parking garage


Payment is possible via eParking-application ( In Etuparkki it is also possible to pay at Ticket machine with with bank or credit card.

Other parking areas are reserved for staff and students. All parking areas patrolled by parking enforcement officers.


Any questions about parking can be directed to IGL Technologies Oy: p. 040 653 8556,



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