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TUT Alumni

The Alumni Association of Tampere University of Technology (TUT Alumni) organises various events in collaboration with the University and keeps its members informed about what is happening on campus. The alumni newsletter is available in Finnish and most of the events are held in Finnish.

The association was established in 1998. It has more than 2,700 members.

Board of TUT Alumni

Harri Vuolle

Petri Partanen
Jussi-Pekka Teini
Kirsi Aalto
Matti Vilkko

Contact the Board by emailing alumnihallitus@tut.fi


The association fosters relationships between former and current members of the university community. It aims to establish a strong global network that enriches the lives of its members and supports their professional development.   

Strategic goals:
1. Build an active community of members
2. Offer events that bring together the members and promote their professional development 
3. Support the alumni activities arranged by student guilds, departments and clubs
4. Strengthen TUT’s identity and advance its mission  
5. Promote the international reputation and attractiveness of Tampere

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