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Active member of ECIU network

Tampere University of Technology has joined European Consortium of Innovative Universities in 2017. By joining the network, TUT strengthens its international collaboration and shares best practices with peers by participating in networks’ steering committees and working groups.

The ECIU network was founded in 1997 and the membership is by invitation only. Currently, the consortium has 11 European members and one associate member in Mexico.

The ECIU member universities are all unified by a shared profile of being young, entrepreneurial, and a key stakeholder in the regional innovation system. The consortium of research universities focuses on collaboration in innovative teaching and learning, enhancement of university–society interaction, internationalization of the student and staff experience, and active engagement in EU policy development.


Alumni relations

Are you one of the some 20,000 alumni who have graduated from Tampere University of Technology? We acknowledge and embrace our alumni as vital stakeholders and invite all former students and employees to join our community.

Alumni relations

An international scientific community

TUT is located in Tampere, the Nordic countries’ largest inland city, some 170 km north of the capital Helsinki. TUT’s campus in the suburb of Hervanta is a community of 10,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students and close to 2,000 employees. Internationality is an inherent part of all the University’s activities. Around 1,500 foreign nationals from more than 60 countries work or pursue studies at TUT.

Facts and figures

TUT – a foundation university

Tampere University of Technology is one of the two Finnish universities operating in the form of a foundation. The foundation model promotes the development of education and research at TUT and gives the University good prerequisites to succeed amid growing international competition. The proceeds of the 137 million euro foundation capital enable further investment in new openings in research and education as well as in the development of quality and operations management.

TUT – a foundation university

Faculties and laboratories of the TUT 2017