First-class Facilities and Expertise

We want companies to be a part of this journey in exploring how immersive visual technology can be a beneficial tool for a multitude of functions, be it scientific, industrial, marketing or entertainment. We offer different services from tailor-made exclusive research projects to short-term, easy access projects. We also rent our equipment and offer standardised 3D reference data for your test and development needs.

Our services include Research Projects, Student Co-operation and tools and services for our Platform Partners. CIVIT is one of Tampere University’s co-creation platforms, which means that we offer our services and expertise for companies and public organizations.

Our facilities, equipment and expertise are not only for the academy and students, but also for industry professionals, commercial actors and anyone who can use emerging visual technologies in furthering their objectives. Emerging visual technologies are relevant for companies in various industry sectors such as Entertainment, Heavy Industry, Health Care, Engineering and Construction and Safety Critical Contexts.

Companies can join CIVIT’s events and community free of cost or they can become a Platform Partner, which allows easy access to our services. Feel free to contact us for more information!

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