Solutions for Your todays challences


Tools and services for Platform Partners to build New Immersive Concepts, Products and Stories. Focusing on conrete results for your commercial applications.


Tailored development project with CIVIT to create proto, demo or pilot

Easy access and simple use services. POC-service ramps-up quickly and IPR-rules are clear. Focus is on the results. POC-services are short projects (2-4 months). Part of the project can be conducted in your premises to make sure results fits in your business applications.

Examples of POC-service areas:
    • Profiling and characterising 3D camera and display systems
    • Multicamera and depth sensors setups
    • Human perception of depth and 3D visual cues
    • Display-optimized visualisation of complex visual 3d-data.
    • Fast on-line calibration of stereo and multiple cameras
    • Depth-assisted virtual camera systems
    • Digital holograms