The ultimate aim for modern visual technologies is to convincingly reproduce reality and to relay information in a natural way. To help the research community in reaching these goals, Tampere University of Technology has established CIVIT – the Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies.

CIVIT provides first class facilities, equipment and expertise not only for the academy and students, but also to industry professionals, commercial actors and anyone who can use emerging visual technologies in furthering their objectives.

We want companies to be a part of this journey in exploring how immersive visual technology can be a beneficial tool for a multitude of functions, be it scientific, industrial, marketing or entertainment.




We provide first class facilities, equipment and research expertise also for our partners to utilise. Read more about becoming our partner in here.

Emerging visual technologies offer a new kind of a user experience by enhancing the existing world. We offer expertise in the sectors of visual content creation and representation of visual data, advanced displays, and user experience.

With our help you’ll get access to our facilities, equipment and research knowledge that isn’t commonly available in many places around the world.