Tampere3 is the most important education policy project in Finland

TUT, University of Tampere, and Tampere University of Applied Sciences are building a multidisciplinary university group that enables flexible study paths, operates under strategic management, and maintains a strong economy. This new university group will give us an amazing opportunity to boost our competitive edge and further improve the quality of our research and education.

Tampere3 is an apt example of that broad-minded outlook and solid cooperation sorely needed by the higher education system in Finland and the 100-year-old nation as a whole. Tampere3 will therefore prove well worth the investment for the state and business life. Throughout the process, TUT has been strongly committed to the Tampere3 vision.

From the very beginning, Tampere3 has been driven forward with research and education, the substance of university operation, on the forefront. In the autumn, it became apparent that the preparations for the university merger were to be put temporarily on hold. During this break, discussions were had to reach a clearer understanding on issues such as funding and the strategic management system characteristic of foundation universities. After further discussion and project reorganisation, preparations have again progressed strongly. Everything will be in order for the new foundation university to begin its operation in the beginning of 2019.

With returns on foundation capital, TUT can make significant investments in the strategic development projects of its choice. At the end of 2016, a total of €11.4 million of returns on foundation capital had been invested. Among other projects, funds had been allocated to making new strategic research openings, supporting new professors and promising young researchers, and constructing new types of learning environments, such as TUTLab.

In 2016, the Board of the TTY Foundation allocated €5.5 million of returns on foundation capital to supporting TUT’s strategic goals. A significant portion of the investments made concerned advancing the operational goals of the Tampere3 project. Of the two million euros allocated for research, €600,000 were earmarked for research collaboration in interfaces between Tampere3 higher education institutions. The advancement of Tampere3 collaboration was likewise allocated €900,000 of the two million euros invested in education. This funding supports development projects such as the use of technology in teaching and the compiling of degree programme portfolios.

Tero Ojanperä
Chairman of the Board of the TTY Foundation