In great shape towards a new university group in Tampere

Tampere University of Technology produces research-based knowledge and expertise for the benefit of people and the environment. In 2016, we took bold measures in developing our profile and operations despite ongoing financial adjustment.

TUT has renewed and sharpened its profile significantly in the past few years. TUT welcomed 24 new tenure track professors in 2016, and as many as one in three professors have changed since 2012. We opened new learning environments, such as the communal workshop TUTLab and a new and improved Language Centre.

We continued our strong tradition of industry collaboration with the nomination of two TUT Industry Professors. Working partly for the University and partly for a company, TUT Industry Professors act as an important link between industry and research. Significant industry operators, such as the technology giant Huawei and Natural Resources Institute Finland, found a new home in the Kampusareena building at the heart of the campus.

Last year, we also had to make a number of tough decisions. These decisions were necessary, but this made them no less difficult. As the funding of universities is decreasing permanently, we were forced to continue the three-year financial adjustment programme initiated in 2015. There were reductions in staff number and facilities. Proportioned to the number of employees, the measures focused mostly on support services staff. Reductions in research and teaching staff were based mainly on the University’s profiling.

In late 2016, we reorganised the Tampere3 project and steered it towards its original vision. Tampere University of Technology’s operations and finances are in great shape on the way towards a new university group in Tampere. TUT has achieved better and better results in international university rankings, which is one indication that our hard work is bearing fruit.

Mika Hannula