Nirvana Popescu

Prof. Habil. Dr. Eng. Nirvana Popescu is full professor at University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB), Computer Science Department, since 2014. She received her Bachelor of Engineering in 1998 at UPB, Computer Science Department, followed by M.Sc at the same department. In 2003, she became PhD in Computer Science with a thesis called “Self-organizing intelligent fuzzy systems”, at UPB. In the mean while she worked and studied as PhD guest student at the University of Bielefeld, Germany. Her main research interests are: fuzzy logic and control, neural networks, intelligent systems, eHealth systems, cognitive and autonomous robots, reconfigurable computers. She is author of 8 books and chapters and more than 70 scientific papers published at prestigious conferences and journals. She is member of Robotics Society of Romania and European Association for Cognitive Systems (EUCog). At UPB, she is the leader of the Laboratory L28 „Reconfigurable high-confidence medical devices”. Her interest in medical informatics has started by some projects related to neuro-fuzzy diagnosis of EKG, EEG and EMG. Thus, she received the MED INFO award for the results in this field. Currently she is involved in founding the Romanian Society for eHealth.

She coordinated national research projects in the field of Medical Rehabilitation Robotics. An example is the project called “Embedded systems of neural-prosthesis type for the recovery of handicapped people (SINPHA, 2007-2010)” where she developed control algorithms for neuro-prosthesis that were tested on the patients from the Rehabilitation Hospital of Iasi. Another example is the project “Intelligent Haptic Robot-Glove (IHRG) for the rehabilitation of the patients that suffered a cerebrovascular accident” (2012-2016).