Jari Nurmi

D.Sc.(Tech) Jari Nurmi works as a Professor at Tampere University, Finland since 1999. He is working on embedded computing systems, System-on-Chip, wireless localization, positioning receiver prototyping, and software-defined radio and -networks. He held various research, education and management positions at Tampere University of Technology since 1987, and was the Vice President of the SME VLSI Solution Oy 1995-1998. Since 2013 he is also a partner and co-founder of Ekin Labs Oy, a research spin-off company, now headquartered in Silicon Valley as Radiomaze, Inc. He has supervised 25 PhD and about 140 MSc theses, and been the opponent or reviewer of 40 PhD theses for other universities worldwide. He has edited five Springer books, and has published over 350 international conference and journal articles and book chapters. He is the director of national DELTA doctoral training network and the head of A-WEAR European joint PhD degree program.